Be a professional Craigslist poster.

Here Is some COOL tips for posting on craigslist and get the 100% success. Everyone who posting there adds on craigslist may know these tips, but not take them so seriously and face the failure in many steps.

Head is the Headings

Some Craigslist expert says that you need a unique title for every ad. But this is completely not true. You can post 100s of ad per day, only using 4 to 5 of different title rotated evenly for them without any problem. There are some words that are filtered and your ad may not show up if you use one of these in the title. Just test a few titles until you find a few that you like.

Tips:- You can add a few numbers at the end of the posting or some more spaces between words, if you want it to be unique from the others. It’s not of high importance, but this simple method can make every title unique if you really want them to be different.

Content Of Ad

The Second Important is the Body (Content of Your Ad). And the secret is that I never use a text ad. There are too many words that will raise red flags with CL and if you have one of these in your ad body, it could cause your entire ad to be ghost posted. I make every ad into a picture format. It is very simple to do. You can use something as simple as paint, and just insert a text box and type your ad out how you want it to appear. Then, you just save it as a picture. It can be simple black text with a white background, and once it is on CL, you can hardly even tell it is a picture. It just looks like a normal ad. The CL spiders can’t pick up certain words in your picture, because obviously there is no text there, just a picture. Craigslist has banned many of the photo uploading service providers, you can’t use their link in your ad. But still you can use photobucket for this work. I post over 1000 ads a day, and all of my ads show up fine with all my pictures hosted on photo*bucket. Once you have create your picture, you just need to upload it to photob*ucket. Upload it more than once so that you have multiple links to use. The standard rule that I use is uploading 20 pictures for every 100 posts per day. So if you post 100 ads, you would use each link 5 times. CL does ban your individual picture link if it is used too much. The good thing about this is that you can just upload new pictures and be good to go again. Just make sure you have fresh picture links regularly. Now, here is a very important part. Every ad body on CL does have to be somewhat unique. If you have a different picture link for every ad, then that is fine. You can keep the same name on each picture you upload, and photob*ucket can make them all unique. However, if you just put the link in the ad body, chances are that CL will notice it and delete your ad faster. It is good to include a bunch of invisible random text in the ad that relates to the category you post in. The best thing to do is look at someone in that category that has a lot of ads up. Highlight there entire ad or view their source, and usually you will find a bunch of invisible text. You can just copy their invisible text and put it directly into your ad also. This just hides the link a little better in a sea of text. I normally put a few lines of text before the picture link and then the rest of the text after the link.

The most important thing is just making sure that each ad body is somewhat unique and has some random text related to your category. Make sure you get new pictures every day or two. You can never have too many pictures links to use.

CL Accounts/ Emails

You can use either of these with equal success. Let’s start by talking about email addresses. You need to be able to create a bunch of these. I would say the normal rule I use is to have about 50 email addresses for every 500 ads you post. I normally get 50 new emails every 4 or 5 days. Sometimes you need them sooner, but I have seen 50 email addresses post 5,000 total ads and still work, but I wouldn’t recommend trying that. It is best to make sure you have always fresh emails as often as possible. If you choose to go the email route, you must take this step to save yourself hours of time. Make sure that you forward every email address to one central email so that you can check them and publish them from one central account. As long as you rotate ip’s, there is no way for CL to know that all 50 emails are being checked from one central account. CL accounts use basically the same method. Make sure you have lots of fresh accounts pretty regularly. The good thing about posting from an account is that you don’t have to check an email every time you post. It just takes longer to create the emails and the accounts. The bottom line no matter which route you go is just make sure that you have lots of fresh emails accounts.

Links in Your Ad

There’s a lot of talk about using hyper links in your ad, and whether it gets your ad deleted quicker, etc. I personally do not use a hyperlink in my ads very often. When you create your ad in paint or whatever picture program you use, just make the link bigger than the other text and change its color or something. If you make it stand out, people won’t have a problem typing it in, and the good thing about that is that if you’re promoting an affiliate offer, your affiliate company can’t tell where the visitor came from. I build a personal opt in list through CL, and I have much more success this way. I tested one day with ads with a click-able link, and ads with the URL in the picture, and the results where overwhelming. I had over 130 opting from my picture ad, and less than 40 with my ads with the link clickable. The reason is because CL does not like click-able links, and they look to delete your ad quickly if they notice it. A lot of my ads with the clickable link got deleted, while the pictures all stayed up. If you are someone who would rather have a clickable link, then just buy some cheap .info domains and use sub-domains to forward to your site. CL will ban your link before too long, but you can continue to purchase new domains. Do not waste your time using tiny*url or other redirect services as CL has almost all of them banned already. Just be creative and make your URL stand out in your picture, and you will be always fine.

Rotating IPs

This really is the single most important part in making sure your ads show up. You must rotate ip addresses regularly. I usually rotate ip’s every 5 posts. Sometimes you can post 15 ads or so on using the same ip, but that’s starting to push it and its better to stay safe. There are lot of things about how to rotate your ip addresses, but I’ve found one way to be far superior. Here’s the way I use, and it’s never failed me. Go out and get a sprin*t broadband card. It’s like $60 per month and it changes ip’s every time you disconnect and reconnect, which takes about 10 seconds. I have a lot of these that I use, but I started with just 1, and it worked wonders. I only have more than 1 now because I post on multiple computers and need one for each. One should serve you just fine if you’re posting from one computer at a time. Most people try to use proxies, but I’ve never found this to work for me. You’re welcome to use proxies if you know how to do it successfully, but I’m telling you exactly how I do it and how it works for me.

Flagged Ads

Some times your ads will get flagged, but don’t get discouraged. I think there are people out there that live for flagging ads. Just repost and move on. There is nothing you can do about this, and you’re not doing anything wrong when this happens. You’ll see your ad flagged more often if you’re posting in a category where your ad doesn’t fit very good. Just find the best category and go with it.

If your ads stop showing up, simply do an inventory and figure out what you think might need changed (ex. Emails/accounts, content of your ad, picture links, etc). If you think I’ve left anything out or have any questions, feel free to post them here so I can answer them for all to see. I’m sure I’ve left something small out, and I’ll let you know if anything comes to mind. There’s plenty of opportunity to make money once you have it all down, but DO NOT CUT CORNERS. If anyone wants to take the time of turning this into an ebook, feel free as long as you let me know. I just don’t have the time or resources to do it right now. I could care less if it is or isn’t, but it could be easier to read and access. Every part of what I have talked here is essential for your ads show up, so take it slow and make sure everything is perfect. Now its the perfect time to say EUREKA……..

Happy Postings!

Why My Accounts Places On Hold?

Why My Craigslist Accounts Places On Hold?

If you are posting adds regularly, then you also had face this problem at least once, or more times on Craigslist. There are many reasons by which you face this problem. Here we discuss some important causes which take your accounts place on hold.

1. Register more accounts within 24 Hours using a single IP.

2. Posting the same ad to more than one category or area without make any changes with them.

3. Post more than 10 post using the same IP within 24 Hours with a Non-PVA account or post more than 1 ad a day using PVA.

4. Many of your posted ads are ghosted. 5. Post your ads in the incorrect section of craigslist and marked as a spammers.

Remedies :  These are the main reasons which put your account on hold. Just avoid these five things to make your accounts lasting long and avoid any other trouble regarding your last posted ads using these accounts. Because you should not be retrieved them as long as the accounts are on hold. If you try to mail then you will received a auto generated FAQ only, Where you can’t find you answer of “WHY”. It’s so hard or a other word not possible to make these accounts worked again. These things are definitely help you to reduce the chance to put your account on hold.

Happy Posting…………….

All About Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts on Craigslist

Now, changed the rule that now PVA’s need to post within 12 hours or they need to be verified again. The latest move by Craigslist has caused massive uproar from the Craigslist marketing community. Some time ago Craigslist introduced Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts into the erotic services section. Many people did not realize that this was just the first step Craigslist was going to take. In a nutshell, to post in any of the services section you must first verify your account via phone. All that is required is that you use a valid phone number so as to receive a pin verification code. Having completed this you are now able to post in phone verified sections. After the introduction of phone verification, there have been some obvious changes. Phone verified accounts permit you to only post one ad every 48 hours in sections that require phone verification. The upside to this is that many spammers on Craigslist have either stopped posting or had to scale down how often they post. It seems that Craigslist is on a never ending battle in its attempts to stop unwanted spammers. Overall, the introduction of Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts has definitely changed Craigslist forever.

Why Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts Will Help You Post More on Craigslist

Craigslist recently started to require for phone verified accounts to post in erotic section. After a while it started to spread to all services. Many marketers are now struggling to post more in this section.
From 1 account you can post 1 post every 48 hours. To post more you will have to get more accounts. The problem is that you have to have unique phone number (no voip) to verify your account. There are many options to choose while buying phone verified craigslist accounts.
To find the right service find one where you can contact the owner and ask some questions. Also it is good to look for some testimonials or comments about this site before purchasing you accounts. There are many people looking for quick buck, be careful.

While posting with many accounts remember to change you IP often. Some people claim to change every post but from my experience every few posts is fine. To change your IP you will require an internet connection providing dynamic IP.

The next tip that can increase your ad performance is to always use unique ad variation and unique title. Try always to change your ad to look different, use different link and text. That will prevent you from flagging.
If you don’t have many craigslist phone verified accounts try to focus to post only in top cities. You may check Alexa first to see top traffic cities. Also you can use list of top cities on Craigslist homepage. The good habit is to track your ads and clicks to see which cities work best for you.
There are many theories how many ads can you post from one phone verified craigslist account. In my opinion a save rule is to post no more than 1 post every 48 hours. You may try more 2,3 and see how it works for you.
Craigslist phone verified accounts is a perfect service for anyone willing to post more on Craigslist. It’s fast and easy to purchase accounts and you got 100% guarantee.

Use Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts and Craigslist accounts efficiently!

Are you curious as to which sections or parts on Craigslist require Craigslist phone verified accounts? There is some confusion as to which areas require and don’t require verified accounts. The reason behind this stems from how Craigslist operates and the complex set of spam filters and other control measures they have in place. Understanding how Craigslist operates will help to know and better understand which sections on Craigslist will require a phone verified account if you wish to post ads. Knowing this could save you a lot of time and help you know in advance if you will need verified accounts or not before you begin posting.

Craigslist deals with an immense number of posts from members each day. It is the world’s largest online classified website and as a result has to not only handle the average daily posts from normal Craigslist users, but also filter out posts from people who may be posting too many ads or spamming Craigslist on a daily basis. Why do you need to know this? Because this directly affects which sections on Craigslist require phone verified accounts. Many people assume that only the services section on Craigslist requires phone verified accounts. In part they are correct. However, they are also wrong. The truth is that every section on Craigslist can require the use of a phone verified account before you are allowed to post a live ad. Every section? Then why do some people assume that it is only the services section which requires Craigslist pva? The reason for this is that it is true that the services section requires verified accounts to post ads. Services was the first section to implement the use of verified accounts. No matter if it is your first post or 100th post, posting any ad in the services section requires a verified account. If you don’t have a verified account you can’t post an ad. Now, this is where things get a little tricky. Every other section on Craigslist “can” require the use of a verified account. The trick here is to understand why you sometimes need and sometimes don’t need a phone verified account to post in these other sections. As mentioned above, Craigslist deals with a huge number of posts and a lot of traffic each day. To control and regulate this traffic they have implemented some filters. One of these filters is the number of ads posted from any one IP. Each time you post an ad on Craigslist, the IP it came from is logged. If you post an excessive number of ads from any IP, eventually it will be flagged. This flagging is not a banning of that IP from posting on Craigslist. It is simple a “soft” flag. When this happens, you will be forced to use a phone verified account before you can continue posting on Craigslist. This is the filter Craigslist uses for every section outside of services. This is also why you may find that suddenly a PVA is required to post an ad whereas one was never required before.

While originally it was only the services section which required a PVA, in actual fact now almost any and every section on Craigslist can require the use of a Craigslist phone verified account. Knowing this will help you understand which sections to use a PVA in and why you may suddenly need a PVA before you can continue posting.

How Many Times Can I Post Using A Phone Verified Craigslist Accounts?

Do you post on Craigslist? If you do, then you are aware that there are two main account types. General or un-verified and phone verified accounts. Phone verified Craigslist accounts are special and should not be used like normal accounts. This is something that should always be kept in mind when posting. So, how often can one safely post ads on Craigslist with a verified account?Craigslist phone verified accounts have specific rules on how they can be used. These rules were introduced by Craigslist to try and enforce their terms of service. If you do not adhere to these verified account rules, you more than likely will find your accounts quickly banned or put on hold by Craigslist. Since a phone number can only be used once to verify an account, it is vital that you follow these rules to avoid having your account and the linked phone number banned forever. The main point to remember when using verified accounts is to not post too often. This may be difficult for some people who are used to posting on Craigslist via email or unverified accounts where there are much less strict rules on how many times you can post an ad. Just how often does Craigslist permit phone verified accounts to post ads? Do not post anymore than one ad every 48 hours to stay within Craigslist rules on verified accounts. If you post more than this there is a good chance that after a while your account will be suspended. If Craigslist detects that you have posted a similar or same ad more than once within a 48 hour time frame, a warning screen is shown and you are given a warning that you are trying to post a similar ad and should not be doing this. If you do happen to see this warning, immediately stop using that verified account for a few days and switch to posting with other accounts. When using verified accounts to post it is best to use multiple accounts and swap amongst them while posting. Post with one set of accounts on the first day then change to a second set of verified accounts on the second day and finally change back to the first set on the third day. Only on the third day should you post with accounts from group A again. The key point to remember is not to post more than one ad every 48 hours when using Phone Verified Craigslist Accounts.With a little care, phone verified accounts can be used for many months to post ads on Craigslist with. The main rule is to never post more than 1 ad every 48 hours. Doing this is the first step to avoid having your Craigslist phone verified accounts put on hold and suspended forever.

How to Best Use Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts ?

Do you use Craigslist phone verified accounts? Looking to find out how to best use phone verified accounts while posting ads on Craigslist? If so then you should be aware of the best practices and ways to use your verified accounts. Doing so will help you to prolong the life of your account and make the most of it by posting as many ads as you possibly can while avoiding the chance of it being placed on hold. With phone verified accounts becoming hard to come by, this is vital information to know for your advertising campaign on Craigslist.

Phone Verified Craigslist Accounts are not like normal accounts on Craigslist. Craigslist has specific rules in place that need to be followed when using phone verified accounts. If one chooses to ignore these rules, usually the result is that the phone verified accounts are blocked by Craigslist and you are no longer able to post ads with those accounts. One of the most important things to remember when posting ads via phone verified accounts is that you must not post too many ads in a short period of time. The official terms from Craigslist are that you should post no more than one ad every 48 hours with a phone verified account. Posting more than this may result in the account being suspended by Craigslist. If you do post a similar ad within the 48 hour time span you will receive a warning message from Craigslist that a duplicate or very similar ad has already been posted and you are not to post anymore than 1 ad every 48 hours. If this happens to you, stop posting with that account and give it a few days to rest.

Since you should only post 1 ad every 48 hours, it is strongly advised that you use several phone verified accounts to post with. This will reduce the chance of you accidently over posting and increasing the chances of any of your accounts being placed on hold. Change the verified accounts you use to post every 24 hours so you do not post with the same account within a 48 hour window. Continue to rotate your accounts so that they only post 1 ad every 48 hours on Craigslist. Multiple phone verified accounts may take some time to obtain or purchase, but if you wish to make the most and avoid having your accounts put on hold it is recommended that you do this.

While an almost endless amount of ads can be posted on Craigslist with normal account or just via email, this is not the case for Craigslist phone verified accounts. There are specific rules that Craigslist has implemented regarding phone verified accounts and if you do not follow these rules you will quickly find your accounts placed on hold. By posting no more than once every 48 hours and rotating through multiple phone verified accounts you should be able to prolong the life of and make the most of your Craigslist phone verified accounts.

Buy Craigslist PVAs for Which Craigslist Sections ?

Which sections on Craigslist will require you to buy Craigslist phone verified accounts? Not every section on Craigslist requires phone verified accounts. However, there are many different sections, which ones require phone verified accounts and which ones don’t? Knowing this piece of important information will help you decide if you need to get some more phone verified accounts or not.

The simple answer to the question of which secitons on Craigslist require phone verified accounts is the Services section. This is the only section which requires the user to have a phone verified account before they can continue posting. As this only makes up a small area of Craigslist, one can say that the majority of Craigslist does not require phone verified accounts. While this is true, there is a slight catch to this. It is true that the Services section is the only area that you will need a pva before you can post, but any section may require a phone verified account if you are flagged by Craigslist. How does one become flagged? If you are posting multiple ads on Craigslist and aren’t covering your tracks there is a good chance that Craigslist will eventually track your activity down to your IP or IP range you are using and then flag your IP range. What does this mean? It means that if you are flagged you will require a phone verified account to post in any section on Craigslist. By any section I do mean any section, not just the Services section. If you want to avoid getting flagged so you don’t have to use or can avoid using phone verified accounts, make sure you do everything possible to cover your activity on Craigslist.

While the simple answer to the question of which sections on Craigslist require phone verified accounts is the Services section, it can actually be required in every and any section on Craigslist. To avoiding having to buy Craigslist phone verified accounts to post on Craigslist with, make sure that you either post moderately or implement different accounts and different IPs to avoid being flagged.

How to post advertisments on craigslist !

How To Post On Craigslist Step By Step..

A lot of you I’m sure have probably heard how much success someone in a business can have just by posting some ads daily on a site called Craigslist. If you’re unfamiliar with Craigslist, and have no idea what it is let me first explain it to you and how it works. Craigslist was designed so people could go there and post ads on just about anything completely free of charge. They have a number of different topics ranging from jobs all the way to online dating.

You can find just about anything on there that you’re looking for. Craigslist is one of the most visited sites on the web. It gets millions of hits each and ever month. So you can see why this site is so powerful if you understand how to use it correctly. So how do you post ads with success and see results?

Step one – First you will want to create about 20 – 30 email accounts. A good place to do so would be places such as,, and All of these allow you to create emails very quickly and with almost no effort.

Step two – Create 5 Craigslist accounts. You will want to create an account so when you post ads you do not have to verify your ad. This will help speed up the time it takes to post ads. Always remember when posting on Craigslist you want to be fast.

Step three – Create 20 – 30 different URL’s. I suggest you buy a domain name from godaddy for a few dollars and then create a bunch of sub domain names. Godaddy will allow you to create up to 90 sub domain names with using just one domain name. So you could make up to 90 different URL’s if you had the time, but you only need about 20 – 30.

Step four – Write up a very short ad. Do not try to sell something just make it short and sweet our only goal is to get people to click on our link. Once you made your ad body create one headline to use with it.
Step five – Ok so now we have our ad body and headline. Next log into just one of your accounts you made.
Step six – Now post the same ad body and headline in at least 20 different cities. Make sure in each new city you post in you use a new URL and one of the 20 – 30 email addresses we made up.
This is very important make sure you change your IP address at least every 5 – 10 ads you post to craigslist. If you do not do this you might as well not even post your ads.

After your done posting give it about 15 – 30 minutes and then you can check to see how many of your ads where posted with success. If you did it correct and followed my directions step by step you should see great results.

Your Search Finish Here